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Electrical Services


Generator Installation

In a world where we more and more depend on electricity to power our day-to-day activities, disruptions can be costly. Electric generators are lifesavers for homeowners and establishments, sometimes quite literally. If you need a professional generator installation, then hire certified electricians by calling Mr. Electric. Our local electricians have the expertise and equipment to handle anything from generator inspections and maintenance to installing whole house generators. Homeowners residing in areas prone to frequent power outages due to storms, infrastructure issues, or other factors should seriously consider generator installation.…


Surge Protection Installation

You're settling in for a relaxing evening at home when a lightning strike or power grid fluctuation suddenly sends a surge of electricity through your home, potentially damaging your favorite electronics. This scenario isn't just a hypothetical. Power surges are a real threat to your home's electrical system and the devices connected to it. At Mr. Electric, we offer various professional electrical services that can help you avoid danger, including whole house surge protection installation in Littleton, Colorado, and nearby areas. Keep reading to discover how power surges…


Electrical Outlet Replacement

Have you ever experienced a flicker in your lights when you plug in an appliance or noticed that an outlet is warm to the touch? These are not just minor annoyances but potential signals of a deeper problem with your home's electrical outlets. At Mr. Electric, we offer solutions that can help, including electrical outlet installation in Littleton, Colorado, and surrounding areas. If you're trying to overcome outlet issues, keep reading to understand how professional electrical outlet replacement in Littleton can improve the safety and efficiency of your home…


Electrical Wiring

Hidden within your walls is a massive network of electrical wiring. If outdated or damaged, they can pose a silent threat to the safety of your property and your loved ones. It's a problem many homeowners overlook, but it can lead to serious issues, including fire hazards. At Mr. Electric, we offer a variety of helpful services including whole house electrical wiring. If you're unsure about the state of your home's electrical system, read below for information that can help you avoid trouble.  Your home's electrical system powers everything from…


Electrical Repair

You're at home, and suddenly, the lights flicker. You check the fuse box and find nothing wrong. This situation leads many homeowners to ask whether they should attempt a DIY fix or call in a professional. Electrical issues are inconvenient but they can also pose serious safety risks. At Mr. Electric, we offer professional electrical service for local clients. If you want to avoid trouble, keep reading for essential safety tips, cost-effective solutions, and warning signs that your home needs immediate electrical repair.  When faced with electrical issues, the DIY…


Electrical Panel Replacement

Are frequent electrical issues disrupting your daily life? This is often a telltale sign that your electrical panel needs an upgrade. At Mr. Electric, we provide comprehensive services for local clients, including electrical panel installation, electrical panel upgrades, and electrical panel repair in Littleton, Colorado, and nearby locations. Are you wondering whether you need a new electrical panel? Continue reading to find out how to choose the right panel for your home, understand the related codes and regulations, and maintain your system post-installation.  Recognizing when your electrical panel requires…


Electrical Contractor

Are you planning a renovation or a new construction project? Then, you have a vision, a budget, and a timeline. But electrical work is a critical element that can make or break your plan. At Mr. Electric, we provide dependable services that can help you safely reach your goals. Keep reading to find out why hiring the right electrical contractor is essential to ensuring your project's success.  Electrical contractors are responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems. In residential settings, they ensure that your home's lighting,…


Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Are you ready to wake up every morning to a fully charged electric car that's ready to take on the day's adventures? You may be prepared to invest in an EVSE installation, but the process can be overwhelming since there are numerous types of EV chargers available and complicated regulations to consider. At Mr. Electric, we help our local clients reach their goals with our wide range of reliable services, which includes EV charger installation in Littleton, Colorado, and surrounding communities. Read below to learn how to understand local regulations…


Commercial Service

The right electrical solutions can dramatically impact your business's productivity and safety. However, with complex electrical needs come challenges that require professional attention. Whether it's routine maintenance, adhering to safety standards, upgrading systems, or implementing energy-efficient solutions, these aspects are critical for the smooth operation of any commercial space. At Mr. Electric, we offer a wide selection of residential and commercial services to help our clients stay safe and productive.  Electrical maintenance involves periodic checks and repairs of electrical panels, wiring, lighting, and other components. This approach proactively identifies potential…


Ceiling Fan Replacement

Ceiling fans may be decorative elements in your home, but they also play a vital role in comfort and energy efficiency. When these faithful appliances start to falter, it's time to consider a replacement. Upgrading to a new ceiling fan can transform your space, offering enhanced style, improved energy efficiency, and the perfect cooling solution. At Mr. Electric, we offer a variety of services that can help, including ceiling fan repair, new installations, and ceiling fan replacement in Littleton, Colorado. If you're unsure about when to replace or what…


Circuit Breaker Installation

Are you tired of your circuit breaker tripping at the worst moments? This common household annoyance can signal underlying electrical issues that could compromise your home's safety and efficiency. The team at Mr. Electric is ready to help you get the most from your electrical system with our comprehensive services, including circuit breaker installation and replacement in Littleton, Colorado, and surrounding communities. Read on to learn how to protect your home's wiring.  It's important to select the right type of circuit breaker to meet your home's power needs while ensuring…


Electrical Inspection

Most homeowners are unaware that potential electrical hazards lurk within their walls, silently posing a risk to their safety and property. It's a concerning thought, but thankfully, there's a reliable solution. Electrical inspections are a critical step in defending your home against unseen dangers. At Mr. Electric, we offer dependable services for local property owners including electrical safety inspection in Littleton, Colorado, and surrounding locations. Keep reading to find out how a professional electrical inspection can help ensure compliance with safety standards and identify any dangerous issues. Safety is…


Smart Home Automation

Would you like to live in a home that understands your needs and adapts to them, a home where convenience, security, and energy efficiency are every day realities? While you may be ready to embrace the future with smart devices, it can be challenging to begin with such a wide range of technologies and options to consider. At Mr. Electric, we offer smart home automation system installation and smart home controller installation in Littleton, Colorado, and nearby areas. Let us bridge the gap between your current home and the smart…