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Landscape Lighting

Outdoor spaces often lack adequate lighting, which can diminish their beauty and functionality after sunset. Landscape lighting boosts the curb appeal of your outdoor areas while also enhancing safety and visibility. At Mr. Electric, we provide high-quality services for local property owners, including landscape lighting solutions. Discover how our unique approach to landscape lighting can make all the difference for your home. Each type of light fixture serves a specific purpose and creates a unique…


Deck Lighting & Outlet Installation

Are you looking forward to a warm evening on your deck, the air filled with the soft glow of carefully chosen lights? Achieving this ideal setting has its challenges. Homeowners often struggle with inadequate lighting, unappealing designs, and the difficult task of installation. At Mr. Electric, we provide reliable services for our local clients, including deck lighting and outlet installation. Read below for some tips on how you can reach your goals for creating the…


Commercial Lighting Services

Workspace lighting that is too dim can create a dreary atmosphere. On the other hand, excessively bright lights can cause discomfort. Neither of these environments is conducive to productivity or well-being. Effective lighting should enhance the work environment, save energy, and boost morale. At Mr. Electric, we provide a wide selection of dependable services for local property owners, including commercial lighting installation, repair, and replacement. Let our team help you achieve the right balance. Commercial lighting…


Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and utility of your home, few things make as big of an impact as the right lighting, especially in key areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Often, homeowners find themselves dealing with outdated or insufficient lighting that detracts from the usability of these spaces. At Mr. Electric, we provide a wide selection of reliable services for all of our local clients, including bathroom and kitchen lighting installation, repair,…