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How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures


Selecting exterior light fixtures that will enhance the beauty and security of your home can be both enjoyable and confusing. Mr. Electric has a few helpful guidelines that may assist you and your electrician find appropriate outdoor lighting fixtures.


First, consider your home's architectural style before selecting exterior light fixtures. Modern homes may suit sleek, minimalist lights, while more traditional properties might require classic lantern-style lanterns instead.


Consider what purpose your lighting serves - lighting up a pathway, enhancing a garden area, or providing security are among your many goals for lighting up an environment. Different fixtures serve different functions. Path lights illuminate pathways and driveways, while spotlights can show off specific trees or architectural details in a garden. Motion sensor lights offer another great security option as they switch on when movement is detected and help deter intruders.


Brightness should also be an essential consideration when purchasing outdoor lights for your property. Although too bright might cause discomfort and glare, enough illumination should still be achieved with LED bulbs, which offer energy efficiency while being available with various brightness levels. Be sure to measure lumen output (the amount of light output). This way, you'll know when to find lighting suitable to meet your specific requirements.


The placement of lights is of the utmost importance. For instance, lighting near entryways not only adds an inviting ambiance but can also improve safety. Pathway lights should be spaced evenly to avoid dark spots on pathways. For the best results and safe installation of outdoor lighting fixtures, consider consulting with an electrician, as this professional can ensure all fixtures are set up safely and correctly.


As part of your selection process for exterior light fixtures, consider the weather in your location. If there's severe precipitation, durable yet weather-proof lighting fixtures made of metal or tough plastic will withstand rainstorms and strong winds.


Attentiveness to energy use is also of great significance. Outdoor lights typically remain lit for long hours of the night, making selecting fixtures that use energy efficiently essential. LED bulbs offer excellent value as they use significantly less electricity than their counterparts and last much longer as garden and pathway illumination solutions. Solar-powered lights also prove energy-saving options.


Safety should also be a top priority during outdoor lighting installations. Outdoor light fixtures must be designed and installed appropriately to withstand outdoor conditions, and electrical problems may arise if installed improperly. Hiring an electrical repair service or electrician can ensure your installation meets all electrical codes safely and is completed successfully.

Smart Lighting?

Consider installing smart lighting in your home. Smart lights can be controlled remotely via smartphone and can help keep you informed when someone enters or leaves. You can adjust their brightness or even alter colors as you please from anywhere in the world. Smart lighting not only adds convenience but can also increase security by giving off the impression someone is there even when no one is present.


Maintenance should also be an important consideration when choosing exterior light fixtures. Some materials, like brass and copper, form a charming patina over time that needs regular care to stay looking its best—these may need more upkeep compared to fixtures made from less demanding metals like aluminum and stainless steel, which require only occasional attention and care to maintain their best appearance.


As with anything, costs should also be considered when buying lighting fixtures. While it might be tempting to opt for cheaper fixtures, investing in higher-quality lights will ultimately save money in the form of reduced replacement and energy usage costs—plus, they often come with improved warranties!

Mr. Electric

When selecting exterior light fixtures, carefully consider all of these factors. Consider consulting Mr. Electric so your outdoor lighting installations enhance beauty, functionality, and home life safety.

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