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How to Safely Extinguish an Electrical Fire


As soon as an electrical fire starts, it's vitally important that it's remembered how different it is from any other kind of fire. Electric fires typically result from electricity-related problems, such as overheated wires or devices malfunctioning. For instance, when too much electricity tries to go through too thin of wires that can't handle its flow before becoming overheated and starting a fire. But don't panic - contact an electrician. With some quick steps outlined by Mr. Electric, you can learn how to put out electrical fires safely to safeguard your and your home from electrical hazards!

Do NOT Use Water

Water should never be used to put out an electrical fire; although this might seem like the obvious choice for dousing campfires or campfires, water conducts electricity. Throwing it on an electrical blaze could spread the electricity and worsen or shock you further. Instead, invest in a fire extinguisher labeled Class C specifically designed for electrical fires. This should come in handy should something unexpected arise involving electricity in your home or yard.

If a fire breaks out, here's what to do:

  • Cut-Off Power: Once it is safe to do so, switch off all electrical power in the area where there is fire by either unplugging an appliance or switching off your breaker panel breaker. Doing so may prevent further spread.
  • Use a Class C Fire Extinguisher: When fighting fires with a Class C fire extinguisher, aim it at its base, squeeze its handle, and sweep it side to side until the fire has gone out. Baking soda may work on very small fires - baking soda contains chemical substances that help stop electrical fires, but this solution only applies to minor fires.
  • Step Away and Call 911: If the fire does not extinguish itself quickly or spreads quickly, remove everyone from the home immediately and call for professional assistance from 911 immediately. Fires can spread rapidly. Therefore, it is wiser to let professionals handle this.

Once the fire is out, we must determine its source and take measures to prevent future incidents from reoccurring. An affordable electrician is a valuable ally in electrical problems. They know everything about electricity and safely fix any safety-related problems - such as checking your home's wiring for issues to reduce fire risks. For older homes and those that have previously experienced electrical fires, hiring a professional electrical repair service for regular inspections may also be beneficial for regular inspections, which could detect issues before they become more serious fire hazards!

Prevention Is Key

  • Regular Inspections: Calling in an electrician regularly for electrical inspection can help discover potential dangers before they become dangerous, much like going for regular check-ups with your physician to ensure everything is functioning normally.
  • Be Careful When Handling Electrical Devices: don't overload outlets with too many plugs, and ensure all cords are in good condition - frayed or damaged cords could prove hazardous to safety. Call an electrical repair service if anything is amiss, such as hot light switches or flickering lamps, as they can resolve these problems before becoming more serious.
  • Know Your Electrical System: Educating yourself about how the electrics in your home function is an invaluable way to detect issues early or have someone, such as an electrician, explain their workings during an inspection or repair visit. If unsure, an electrician can explain things further during their appointment for repairs or inspection.

Mr. Electric

An electrical fire can be frightening, but knowing what steps to take in its wake can make all the difference. By taking these measures as outlined by Mr. Electric, you can safeguard your home and family against electrical hazards.

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