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Most Common Home Electrical Problems


Navigating home electrical issues may feel like unraveling an intricate mystery, but don't fret: We will teach you some electrical detective techniques yourself! Mr. Electric dives into some of the top home electrical issues. While awareness can help, repairing them often requires professional electricians or electrical repair services.

Flickering Lights

Have your lights flickered unpredictably lately like they're from an unnerving movie? Typically, this issue can be remedied simply by tightening a loose lightbulb. Still, if this fails to solve it altogether, then perhaps your electrical wiring has an issue and should be examined closely - in which case professional assistance might be required from a residential electrician to assess.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers exist to safeguard your house by "tripping" or interrupting electrical flow when circuits become overloaded. Find yourself constantly returning to the basement to reset breakers. It might be worth consulting an electrical repair service that can determine if overloaded circuits or another issue has arisen that requires immediate attention.

Too Few Outlets

Our modern lifestyle requires many devices that consume electricity; as a result, not having enough outlets is becoming an increasingly common problem. Extension cords shouldn't be seen as the solution; enlisting an electrician will ensure your home can meet all electrical demands safely and reliably.

Hot Outlets or Switches

Have you noticed hot outlets or switches recently? That can be a telltale sign that something's off, even when using power-intensive devices (like space heaters). However, when this problem occurs repeatedly with various devices connected simultaneously, it could indicate something amiss, requiring further investigation by an electrical service professional. If this issue continues, it might be wiser to seek an electrician's professional opinion to assess this further.

Electrical Surges

Electrical surges may become common during stormy periods. If they become frequent, they could damage electronic devices and become dangerous if left unaddressed. An electrician should be called in immediately, as these surges could have many different sources, from bad wiring to malfunctioning appliances.

Buzzing Sounds

Electrical components should function seamlessly. If you hear buzzing coming from any outlet, switch, wall socket, or the walls themselves, that is indicative of something being wrong with your wiring. That should serve as an alarm bell and is most certainly time for an electrician to visit to fix any problems that have emerged.

Outdated Wiring

Older homes were not intended to withstand the electrical needs that exist today; therefore if yours is quite old without updating its wiring, dim lights could occur when using specific appliances or using certain parts. An electrical repair service in Castle Rock can update it safely to meet modern electrical demands.

Overloaded Power Strips

Like circuit breakers, power strips exist to safeguard devices; however, plugging too many items in at once could pose a potential hazard. Suppose your devices require ever more power strips for power distribution purposes. In that case, that should be taken as a sign from an electrician, and more outlets may need to be added by your residential electrical provider.

Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Frequently

Do light bulbs seem to burn out frequently? That could be more than mere chance; high wattage levels, poor wiring, or an electrical connection issue might all contribute to their rapid demise - an electrician will be able to identify and resolve it as soon as possible.

Electric Shocks

Receiving electric shocks when touching appliances or switches should always be considered an early warning signal that there might be an electrical ground fault somewhere within either your appliance or wiring, potentially creating dangerous scenarios that require professional electrician intervention to assess right away. To be safe, contact a qualified electrician as soon as possible to see how best they can address this situation and reduce further danger.

Mr. Electric

While understanding these common electrical issues is helpful, fixing electrical problems typically requires professional skills and tools. Calling in professional electricians or electrical repair services for simple fixes or major overhauls may be your safest bet to ensure a functional home electrical system. When problems arise like these, call in professionals at Mr. Electric! So, next time one arises, it will become clear why.

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