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What to Do After a Failed Electrical Inspection


Have you recently had an electrical inspection only to discover it failed to pass muster? While this can be dispiriting or upsetting news, failure doesn't indicate futility. Instead, it allows you to address any problems within your electrical system and ensure its functionality and safety. Mr. Electric explores the steps you can take to pass next time.

Assessing the Situation: What Went Wrong?

As soon as an electrical inspection fails, it's essential to identify why. Inspectors are trained to spot potential risks and violations of code, so if your inspection didn't pass, there's likely an explanation - potentially outdated wiring, faulty outlets, improper grounding practices, or insufficient capacity can all play into why an inspection fails.

Consider Hiring Professional Help: Why You Require an Electrician

A qualified electrician must be sought as soon as a failed electrical inspection has taken place. Making DIY attempts may prove hazardous and cause even further issues; only an experienced licensed electrician has the necessary skill set and know-how to identify and address all uncovered problems safely and effectively.

Select the Appropriate Electrical Repair Service

As not all electricians are created equal, it's wise to do your research before hiring one to address a failed inspection. Select those with stellar reviews and proven performance when searching for electrical repair services, as they deliver top-quality repairs. Licensed, bonded, and insured are required - request references or samples of past projects!

Understanding the Scope of Work: What Needs To Be Done?

Once you select an electrician to partner with, they'll perform a detailed assessment of your electrical system to identify necessary repairs or upgrades - whether that means upgrading wiring systems, adding GFCI outlets, or any other issues identified during the inspection. Your electrician will work with you and devise an action plan tailored to your needs and budget.

Budgeting for Repairs: How Much Will They Cost?

The cost of addressing failed electrical Inspection findings can vary depending on the scale and complexity of the required work. So, it's wise to discuss pricing and payment arrangements with your electrician as early as possible to prevent surprises later on. Although electrical repairs might represent a considerable financial investment, ultimately, their benefits lie in protecting safety and functionality within homes and businesses.

Scheduling Repairs: When Can They Be Completed?

Once you and your electrician have agreed on the scope and pricing, it's time to arrange the repairs. Depending on the extent of issues discovered during inspection, repairs could require one visit or multiple. Your electrician will work with you to devise an approachable schedule to address all necessary repairs promptly.

Revamp of Inspection Report: Confirming Compliance

Once repairs have been completed, your electrician will conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure everything meets the code and safety standards. Any additional issues identified during this examination will be quickly dealt with to ensure compliance with your electrical system - giving you confidence to proceed with your electrical project with certainty.

Mr. Electric

Failing an electrical inspection may feel like an upsetting setback, but don't panic just yet if this has happened to your business or home. With help from a qualified electrician from Mr. Electric addressing issues uncovered during inspections, your electrical systems could remain safe and functional for years.

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